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Your Toughest Year of Marriage - Welcoming a Child

There are so many sacrifices made that no one tells you about in becoming parents, but the suffering of your partnership; lack of communication, closeness, and intimacy are things I had no idea would change in my marriage. I NEVER dreamed that a baby could build an invisible wall between what my husband's and I relationship once was and what it would become. Plus, it's such a gradual change that it's almost undetectable until the wall is completely built. Allow me to share my experience.

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Our Story: Part 5 of 5

Bringing Evelyn home, was so much scarier than bringing Savannah home. People treat you differently; as if you've hit a "pro" level of parenting and need less help. The reality is you need more help than ever, at least we did. Drew and I both struggled to get back into the "newborn stage" while also still living in the "toddler stage" with Savannah.

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Our Story: Part 4 of 5

>>With my first, I was in labor for 5 days and sent home from the hospital twice during those days. My water never broke, I worked all week and full on cleaned my entire house the day before I gave birth. These two events were nothing a like.<<

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