A Romantic Stroll through Fellows River Side Gardens | Youngstown, OH

Cory and Bobette were the perfect blend of silly and sweet for their evening maternity session celebrating their growing girl.


We met up in the parking lot and, with the sun a little higher in the sky, we started at the back of the gardens. We had the perfect light on the tree covered brick path that winds through Millcreek’s Rose Gardens. Talking about pregnancy, anticipation and baby names [they’re open to ideas!], we started just inside the park to grab a quick shot and to gauge their comfortability. I know Bobette from our years of working together at Victoria’s Secret together, I had never met Cory, but I hadn’t worked with either of them in front of my camera. Raise you’re hand if your awkward in front of the camera… [My hand is raised so high, and I think that it’s a totally normal!!]…but by my third “click“ these parents-to-be were absolutely NAILING it.

First two shots of the night!!

First two shots of the night!!


The rest of our walk was smooth sailing. We would stop where tree branches hung just right, or the sun peeked through with golden rays almost too perfectly. There was laughing, talking, snuggling and so much perfection the entire time.


We finished up our session in the actual rose garden and around the fountain. I struggled to end this session. On top of the golden light, Bobette’s gorgeous dress and Cory suave-ness in front of the camera… I was having so much fun hanging with these two and just didn’t want to stop photographing.


I’m so beyond happy for Cory and Bobette! Bobette always adored my children. She would let me go on and on to her about their silly comments or milestones and joyfully listened to me even though she was in a different season of life. I can’t wait to watch her fall into motherhood, meet her [nameless] little girl ;] and listen to her stories!

Last shot of the night!

Last shot of the night!


Congratulations to you, Cory and Bob!