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My name is Christie, I'm the girl behind the camera at Christie Leigh Photo. I specialize in Maternity, Newborn and Family photography in Warren OH, Youngstown OH, Sharon PA and surrounding areas in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

The biggest goal I have for my business is the gift of moments. We hear it all the time, and as a mother myself, I know all too well how it feels like we are constantly grasping onto the memories, while our babies are growing right in front of our eyes. There's nothing like being transported back to that exact stage of life, like you are when you look at photos of your children.

I look at pictures of my two from their first years and I remember how Savannah always scrunched up her nose when she was overjoyed, I can pin point the month Evelyn started pinching. I see when they started milestones from one month to the next and when compared at six months old, one blew raspberries and the other danced to anything. I invested in keeping those moments forever, and I want that for you!

To check out some of my work behind the camera visit my photo galleries  and visit here to read more about my family and I. I am so blessed to have you here and I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet!




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Maternity Sessions

Not every day you're encouraged to have a photography session centric of your belly.That may sound less than ideal to you. You've created and are growing a human being. It's inside of you. That's CRAZY! Every single pregnancy is unique and special, even for the same woman, multiple pregnancies. You're never going to be in this moment again. As a first time mom, you'll find out all to soon how fleeting this stage of your life is going to be and as an experienced momma you already know; so let's start now. Let's document your body, your journey and your growing family.


Studio Newborn Sessions

A Studio Newborn Session is a modern session where baby is posed and photographed at my home studio. The sessions are styled with outfits, backdrops and select props. There is an option to add travel to this session and take place in the convenience of your home.


3-6-9 Growth Sessions

Growth sessions are intended to document your baby's first year of milestones. That means the sessions do not necessarily have to take place at the 3, 6, and 9 month marks. They can be booked once baby is rolling over and holding his chest up slightly [3-5 months], once baby is sitting or using communication like laughter, raspberries and clapping [6-8 months], when baby becomes mobile- crawling, pulling himself up into a standing positions, taking steps with support [9-11 months]. These are booked as individual sessions, not a group of 3 sessions. [See the milestone collection for a grouping of first year sessions].


Family Sessions

Family sessions are intended for immediate family- pets included! I used to be petrified of family sessions. Is there ever an age where our kids are willing to be photographed- 3? 9? 14? No. Today, I happily book family sessions and the challenge of gaining a child's trust and comfort is my FAVORITE thing about your family's time with me. These sessions are held on location and there is not a time limit. Not to say I'll photograph you all day, BUT I have a 3 year old, so I know sometimes is takes a while [like... a WHILE] for our small ones to open up and begin to feel comfortable in front of a camera. [Extended family sessions different then this session. Feel free to reach out for more info on those types of sessions.]


Milestone Sessions

It's not that we don't want to have our children photographed every month for the rest of their lives. But that first year time seems even more fleeting. One day, they're the smallest little baby laying on your chest and the next, their toddling around on two feet. It's that quick! Whether it's your 1st time momming or your 5th go around with those first stages, parenthood is a constant battle to keep them small but help them learn how to grow. I've created The Milestone Collection to give you a year to remember. From your moments together growing your child inside of you, all the way to their first birthday, I want mama's to have these memories of their babies while being able to enjoy all the moments in between.


Fresh 48

Fresh 48 sessions, are post birth, in hospital sessions. These session are held with in your babies first 48 hours of life and capture the special moments that are apart of welcoming a little human into the world. These can be customized to include any hospital moments you want [first bath, siblings meeting, introduction to new grandparents] or simply sweet moments between you and your baby.


Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

A Lifestyle Newborn Session must be held in the clients home. These sessions are centric of baby, but use unique spaces of your home as the setting for your photos. The purpose of these sessions is to represent the truest form of your life together as a family, so living spaces should not be altered to "accommodate" me.


Smash cake + Birthday Sessions

Smash sessions are in-studio birthday sessions, typically booked for first birthdays but not limited to age and not limited to cake [they're even becoming popular for adults!]. I provide decor to match your requested theme or color scheme. Birthday sessions are also available for any age without smash cakes and can be held on location [season/weather permitting] or in-studio. 


Unicorn Dream Sessions

Unicorn sessions started as a themed shoot for a late summer birthday and, since, the demand for recreating this mythical creature has continued to grow.

These sessions have been so enjoyable to watch dreams literally come true in front of our eyes, with girls [and moms] of all ages! They have grown in popularity over the last two years and we are so excited to add these to our roster of sessions to offer to our clients, on a bi-yearly basis.

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Kind words

Christie has done our engagement photos, wedding pictures and now our newborn pictures. We absolutely love her!! Today was our newborn pictures and she treated our son as if he were her own!! I can’t wait to see our beautiful pictures!
— The Robbins Family

-We did the “milestones” package, and every three months, Christie works her magic with our little guy-


-She treated our son as if he were her own-

Christie had done our engagement photos, so we knew we wanted to include her in our journey when we found out we were expecting. We were sure we wanted newborn photos, but I was a little apprehensive about maternity photos... because, well I was eight months pregnant and really starting to feel it. Christie was so understanding and down to earth. She reassured me that these would be memories we would cherish for life, and she was right! Christie listened to our input and gave some of her own. She selected the perfect location and took such beautiful pictures of a special time in our lives. We did the “milestones” package, and every three months, Christie works her magic with our little guy. She is so good with him, and the photos are just amazing— not like anything you would get at the local mall studios. AND, she does it in the comfort of our home, which is so convenient with an infant! We can’t wait to include Christie in many more milestones to come!
— The Ambuske Family

I had zero fears before hiring Christie. I mean come on, she does a great job, I already knew that! My favorite session was Casen’s newborn. I can’t believe it took SO LONG, but she was so patient with his fussieness plus a break for a feeding, AND she brought pizza so that I could eat too! All of the pictures always turn out great. I don’t know how she does it.. just when I think ‘oh he didn’t smile AT ALL’ or, we all look terrible’ there’s always a ton of great pictures. She always has great ideas of her own when it comes to backdrops, scenery and poses but is also willing to try new ideas or crazy ones that I come up with. There’s always get a photo with all of us smiling; it must be magic because I can’t ever do that! I love that she does them every year. Casen is shy as it is, but I think it helps having a familiar face behind the camera and we get to shoot in so many fun places! So it’s not same cheesy backdrop year after year!
— The Bernhard Family

-She made my not so smiley daughter look like an angel-


 -just when I think 'oh he didn't smile AT ALL' or, we all look terrible' there's always a ton of great pictures-

Where to begin...Christie is absolutely amazing.
I had a specific look in mind when with my wedding photography. I was very picky, much to my mother’s dislike. Then a family member recommended Christie. She was very professional and very easy to work with.
My husband and I were engaged for four years, so I was not too interested in engagement photos, so instead she swapped and did my daughter’s one year photos! She made my not so smiley daughter look like an angel.
Then my wonderful day came. She was amazing and captured so many moments that I never wanted to forget! Every person I have encountered since my wedding has said my pictures were so beautiful, and every person who was in my bridal party said she was amazing, and I would have to agree!
I am 100% satisfied with her service, and honestly, I can not wait to have her take more pictures of my family!
— The Michelmann Family



Tiny Clients





Choosing your photographer can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many of us to choose from, and each brings a little something different to the table. Not to mention while surfing all of our websites, you're getting a boat load of information and very little angle on investment. I get it! But you are about to let your photographer into the most precious and intimate moments of your life; I don't take that lightly, nor do I take it as a "business" thing. Connecting with you on a more personal level is super important to me. Hopefully you've peeked around my site a little bit and have gotten to know a big chunk of who I am, so now I'd like to know you!

Fill out the form below to reach me via e-mail. Tell me some things about you, your family and why your interested in talking more with me. I'd love to think of you as friend rather than a client, complete with real life dates! So, don't be shy, spill your guts and let's connect!



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