Newborn Steelers Fan | Howland, OH

If you touch baby Urijah, he smiles and poops… or poops then smiles. It’s cute, if you’re prepared! He definitely kept me on my toes in that department!

My husband and Urijah’s Uncle are buds from grade school, and I’ve been Photographing Kevin, Miranda and Wynette since Winnie was as teeny as Urijah is! I was so excited when Miranda got a hold of me for her second pregnancy!! Urijah was a complete surprise, and what an adorable one. :)


We started off like I always do, with family sessions. Winnie got to go first and was a freaking pro at snuggling up her new baby brother. Followed by her helping mom and dad in their family shots and finishing up with some one on one snuggles with each parent.

I got Urijah into one prop pose and snagged his detail shots right off the bat. And good thing because very soon after that, he decided he wanted to check the place out and see what we were up to. He woke up abruptly, but took his time with an afternoon bottle.


I snuck in one sleepy pose in the midst of his alertness. Which was awesome, because now mom and dad have photographs of both Wynnie and Urijah with special blankets knitted from grandmothers. And he have me one of his adorable grins!

I tried do some awake poses, but Urijah wanted to be the boss, so I wrapped him up for a few black and gold steeler sets, requested by mom, and he quickly dosed back into a deep sleep after being swaddled nice and snug. I finished up his session with a little bear outfit, and he was a total dream allowing me to quickly grab those shots before wrapping up our session.

We are so curious to see how baby Urijah will complement is big sis’s BIG personality [it’s a staple with those beautiful red curls!]. Congratulations to the Tenney Family! <3

Newborn_Boy_Sibling shot_Newborn_Session_with_Big_Sister_in_Howland_Ohio_with_Newborn_Photographer_Christie_Leigh_Photo_in_Farmdale_OH-001.JPG