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Newborn Steelers Fan | Howland, OH

My husband and Urijah’s Uncle are buds from grade school, and I’ve been Photographing Kevin, Miranda and Wynette since Winnie was as teeny as Urijah is! I was so excited when Miranda got a hold of me for her second pregnancy!! Urijah was a complete surprise, and what an adorable one. :)

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Our Story: Part 2 of 5

At 17 weeks pregrant, also Sav's second birthday, there were lots of whispers, my dad had even rubbed my belly and asked when I was going to tell, I rolled my eyes and walked away.

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Our Story: part 1 of 5 [say whaaat?!]

With your first baby, everything is on blast. Your excitement is through the roof, the feeling of wonder and joy and all the new stages of life you finally get to be apart of.. those things engulf you. Pinterest becomes you're most used media platform, you plan how to tell your husband, how to tell your family, you find a friend who is a photographer to bring your dreams to life, you plan a special post for social media on a specific date. It's all so surreal.

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