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Aviation Themed 4th Birthday | Vienna, OH

I’ve been photographing Casen since he was in the womb and they’ve always done something special for their shoots for and with him. For their maternity shoot we went to mosquito late an used things like baby shoes and scrabble pieces to celebrate his little life that was about to be. First birthday, we needed up back at the lake and his mom made a hot air balloon for him to play in. He was so happy. Second birthday, we got to go to an aviation museum and explore the airplane memorabilia and run around the property chasing a crazy toddler. Third birthday, they really pulled strings and we went to a local fire department and played on a firetruck with a super cool fireman friend. Which brings us to birthday number four…

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Ninja turtle Fifth Birthday Shoot | Hartford Orchard

We decided bloom season at Hartford Apple Orchard was the perfect backdrop for the big five birthday! [I mean that’s a whole hand of fingers old!] Harper is wild. She’s assertive and bold. She’s energetic and decisive. She’s been hard to keep up with since she was two! This shoot was a little different. She was calm and polite, relaxed and a little shy for her fifth birthday session. It was easy. I could have been done shooting in the first 5 minutes, but I didn’t want to be, so of course I over shot.

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Our Story: Part 5 of 5

Bringing Evelyn home, was so much scarier than bringing Savannah home. People treat you differently; as if you've hit a "pro" level of parenting and need less help. The reality is you need more help than ever, at least we did. Drew and I both struggled to get back into the "newborn stage" while also still living in the "toddler stage" with Savannah.

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