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Ninja turtle Fifth Birthday Shoot | Hartford Orchard

We decided bloom season at Hartford Apple Orchard was the perfect backdrop for the big five birthday! [I mean that’s a whole hand of fingers old!] Harper is wild. She’s assertive and bold. She’s energetic and decisive. She’s been hard to keep up with since she was two! This shoot was a little different. She was calm and polite, relaxed and a little shy for her fifth birthday session. It was easy. I could have been done shooting in the first 5 minutes, but I didn’t want to be, so of course I over shot.

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Fall Mini Sessions | October 2018 | Hartford, OH

I was going to post individual blogs for each of my 8 mini sessions, but I have, like, 20 blogs to write. So here’s a peak at what mini session day looks like with me if you’ve thought about booking in the past, but just haven’t yet!

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