Lake Milton, OH Newborn - Baby 'D'


Picture this: Dan and Samantha move to the area from out of state, are slowly remodeling their new home, parenting a 4 and 1 year old and 9 months pregnant.

That’s why I didn’t judge this mama when she reached out to me on the day of her due date to inquire about a newborn session! LOL The one time procrastination is actually appropriate, am I right?

She ended up having “Baby D” the very next day and booking me with a one day old. Dan and Samantha brought their whole crew to see me where their daughter, “G”, was so interactive and curious from the moment she stepped out of the car. She wondered around my studio helping me and asking all the questions and letting me know how to take care of her brand new sister just the right way. Her little brother, “T”, was just the opposite. A little ball of energy ripping through my space with his personality. At one point, while baby was nursing mid session, I jumped out and growled at him, startling him. It was so cute to see his silly reaction, but then he definitely punished me for it.. popping in my shooting room every few minutes with a loud growl over his baby sister and I. It probably happened at least 15 times and Baby D didn’t budge! That’s a third child for ya!


I had so much fun getting to know this sweet family and having the privilege to capture Baby D’s first days in the fam.


I have the best job with the BEST clients! A huge thank you to the R Family for choosing me to be apart of the start of their new season.