Where, When and Why: Maternity

Aren't most women feeling like a humongous blob during the same time frame maternity sessions take place?
So convenient.


Here are a few things to help you with the booking process or things to consider when trying to decide if this type of session fits your needs.

Why maternity?
Every single pregnancy is unique. It could be your first or fifth; you feel different, you carry each baby different, you look different- most importantly, you hold a different bond. It's not just about what you look like right now. It's how you FEEL... beautiful and tired, confident and big, heroic, a protector, so in love and so much more.

When I was pregnant with my oldest, it was the most connected I'd ever felt to another being. I was so confident with what my body was doing, the urge to protect and keep her safe was so real, I was constantly talking to her and eager to teach her; there aren't really words to depict carrying your unborn child. It's nothing short of amazing. My second was different, I suffered from undiagnosed depression and felt distant and unattached to my pregnancy and the baby I was growing. I still went through the routine of a maternity session and now those photos are some of the most meaningful ones I've ever had taken

How ever you are during this part of your journey, you'll never have it again. I highly encourage mama's and families to document this stage of life, a photograph can take transport you unlike anything else, keep these moments as memories.

When to book?
Really, you can book at any point in your 9 month journey. As with most things, the sooner the better. Later in the game, you'll run into things like availability of a photographer, too tired and unmotivated to plan it, an early arrival of your baby, the busyness of the last weeks of preperation.

I recommend booking as soon as you feel safe and confident. Around 18-20 weeks is a good time to start looking around and contacting photographers. If you know who you would like to document this season for you or already have a photopgraher you love, contact them as early as 12 weeks. I've had many clients share their news with me before their families even know!

Just like raising these tiny humans, there's not definite right or wrong way to go about booking. As a procrstinator, I can totally relate to the 32 week pregnant mama calling me up because time escaped her, but staying one step ahead of the process will help us to deliver your dream session.

Where's a great location?
You can have your maternity session....anywhere! Think about what you want these photos to do for you, really think about it. Have you slaved over your home to create the perfect baby environment? Do you want to currate the outfit, location, lighting, mood to enhance the beauty of pregnancy. Are you all about the simple things in life and showing real moments. Share with your photographer your goals and they will match the location. Maybe a studio session in a controlled environment is something that works best for you. Is there a special location for your family; like a coffee shop you love, a park that you were proposed to in, a forest you've always wanted to explore? Have your session in your home! Incooperate your baby's nursery, siblings making space for their newest family member, living spaces that are sacred and intimate for your family.

How far along should you be for the actual session?
Some mom's like to be photographed right at the "pop" of their bump, others enjoy documenting the last few weeks of their growing belly. A comfortable time frame to land in is 28-32 weeks. Each woman "shows" differently. For my first, I was photographed at 30 weeks, with my second I was photographed at 27 weeks. Your bumps should be a great size to notice, but not all that you notice. ;]

Keep in mind.
The most important take aways are to plan ahead and choose someone you trust. These are YOUR moments, not your photogaphers, so, do it your way. Wear the gown or stay in, bring a storybook or only your family. If you're choosing a photographer who aligns with your style and ideas then the rest of the planning can be entrusted into your photographers hands.

If you're reading this because you're expecting.. CONGRATULTIONS!!
If you think we are a perfect match you can contact me to book here.