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The Hines Family | Fall Mini Session | Hartford, OH

This day was cold and rainy- one of the first really cold days of the season and these poor babies did do their best for me. Lydia wore a mustard maxi skirt that couldn’t have looked better in the orchard and everyone was perfectly coordinated to match her [because I’m a mom, too, and I KNOW everyone’s outfits were planned around Lyd’s killer lace and maxi digs]

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Multiples Newborn Session - The Daugherty Triplets, Warren OH

Typically, a newborn session is prescheduled with a tentative date that falls within 7 days of the due date. Pregnancies of multiples rarely run full term, so I knew they would be early. Jenna let me know her late April due date, but shared that her doctor was expecting them in February with some solid time in the NICU after, so to still expect them home around their original due date. I marked my calendar for April 21st, knowing full well that would change.

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Newborn Mini Session - Youngstown, OH

Baby A didn't come in with her dukes out, but after a quick first pose, she made sure that everyone in the room knew she was boss. After nearly peeing on my camera, pooping on her mama [twice!] and spitting up and peeing on her set up, it was safe to say this baby girl was in charge. 

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