Styled Growth Sessions | Milestone | Farmdale, OH

Growth Sessions are often overlooked, and then I parents are telling me at first birthdays how the year got away from them and they couldn’t fit in everything they wanted before their baby became a toddler. Growth Sessions are in place to serve that purpose; so that you can bring your baby when she starts to smile and roll over, or blow raspberries and sit, or clap and stand, any milestone you want in the books.

These aren’t obligated to be booked at three, six and nine months; book at 5 months when he started sitting a little early, book when she’s crawling because it was at a long awaited 10 months. There’s plenty of options for these sessions. Also, when you choose a growth session you can opt to have your session styled… for free! Bring special items that baby loves like loveys, books, teethers… build memories into your session or keep it simple with just baby as the focus.

Growth Sessions are some of my favorite to do, and can really showcase baby’s personality that’s developing right before your eyes [a little to quickly, am I right?]