Choosing your photographer can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many of us to choose from, and each brings a little something different to the table. Not to mention while surfing all of our websites, you're getting a boat load of information and very little angle on investment. I get it! But you are about to let your photographer into the most precious and intimate moments of your life; I don't take that lightly, nor do I take it as a "business" thing. Connecting with you on a more personal level is super important to me. Hopefully you've peeked around my site a little bit and have gotten to know a big chunk of who I am, so now I'd like to know you!

Fill out the form below to reach me via e-mail. Tell me some things about you, your family and why your interested in talking more with me. I'd love to think of you as friend rather than a client, complete with real life dates! So, don't be shy, spill your guts and let's connect!

Share what brought you here, about yourself and your family! Chronic oversharing is encouraged :)
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