Unicorn Dream Session

Next Session August 11th 2019

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photos-with-a-unicorn-unicorn-session-in-Canfield-OH- with-child-and-family-photographers-christie-leigh-photo-and-kirsten-pesa-photography.jpg

Isn't it every little girls dream to meet a Unicorn?

Kirsten and I met at YSU, where we studied Fine Art and Photography together. We graduated several years ago, but have continued to work together with weddings and newborns. Having a best friend with the same talents and business goals has been a super awesome adventure!

We started the unicorn sessions, because we each had clients with daughters who had late summer birthdays and a love for Unicorns [or did their mothers' love unicorns? An answer we may never know;)...]. We joined together to turn a white pony into every little girls fantasy: a magical unicorn. Since, we've had a high demand for recreating this mythical creature several times per year.

These sessions have been so enjoyable for us to see a dream literally come true in front of our eyes, with girls [and moms] of all ages! They have grown in popularity over the last two years and we are so excited to add these to our roster of sessions to offer to our clients.

With all that goes into these sessions, we cannot offer them all year, our goal is to hold Unicorn Dream Sessions bi-yearly: around late spring/early summer and later summer/eary fall. If the demand continues to grow we will gladly add more sessions throughout the year [we are DYING to do a 2019 winter session- let us know if you're in!]

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