Photo by Cellar Door Letter Art & Photography

Photo by Cellar Door Letter Art & Photography


I'm Christie, 30-something wife/momma/hot mess living in a small town in Northeast Ohio with my outdoorsy husband, Drew, our two tiny humans, Savannah and Evelyn, and our lazy pups, Wylie and Tessa. If you're here it's because you know I'm a photographer, so allow me to share some things about me in hopes I get to know you as well! 

I always [literally always, he hates it] ask Drew, "Why do you love me?' Not because I'm insecure and not to test him; I just love to see me how he sees me. He used to answer with the typical, "you're beautiful and funny!" and I have always responded with an eye roll and "lot's of women are beautiful and funny." He's learned, and now every time there's a different answer. My favorite ever was "You're the only person I want hiding in my house waiting to jump out and scare me." [once he almost punched me, so that is VERY heartwarming!] I feel like that defines me pretty well; I'm rarely serious, I love surprises and I see the "small things" as big things.

Most days you'll find me in a comfy t-shirt and a pair of jeans, 3 days of unwashed hair, just trying to navigate motherhood the best I know how. I'm super passionate about my little girls becoming the best, kindest version of themselves and the only way that can happen is if they see it in me. I'm learning everyday what that looks like; motherhood is absolutely the best adventure I've ever taken. I'm not a traveler, I can't dream up adventurous travel destinations without getting sweaty palms. I love to DIY but my "DIY home makeovers" are more like a fresh coat of paint and a trip to Hobby Lobby. I prefer hot tea over coffee, I could stand to lose 10 pounds, my kids drive me bonkers, my husband is the best secret keeper that I know, my house is almost always a mess and I will always deliver the honest to goodness truth. I believe in one great friend over three mediocre ones and I love to serve the world by giving. I've found the most rewarding way to give is through photography; serving you with a moment that you can tuck away for ever, a memory that you can now have until the end of time... that's the best part of what I do. Bonus: the connection I build with my clients and developing genuine friendships make life that much sweeter! I get behind my camera to create timeless, natural, and emotional images for people like YOU!

Let's chat! I want to know you, what's your story?

Still here? Great, because here's a little more on the cutest humans (and non-humans) ever!

Savannah is 3, my first born, and she's a total boss girl! She's also super creative and intuitive; she's constantly telling elaborate fictional stories, and I could listen to her talk for hours and hours. She's 110% a daddy's girl, but she couldn't have made becoming a mommy any sweeter.

Evie is the freshly one year old, little sister and we had a rough start. I had undiagnosed depression during my pregnancy which turned into PPD after she was born. We are currently making up for lost time; I can't get enough of her chunky thighs and wild personality. We both live life based off our eating and sleeping schedules [winning!].

Wylie is our puppy rescue, is now 9 but has always been an old soul. She's my sleeping partner and afraid of anything that moves.. including her own body parts sometimes. She's not into the tiny human epidemic that's happening in our home, but she's getting by just fine pretending like they don't exist. Also, full body scratches are her jam.

Tessa is our chocolate lab, she's 8 going on 2. She's Drew's hunting partner and Savannah's best friend. She's hyper, loud, loves to wrestle under the blankets and her favorite thing on the planet is chasing anything that resembles a ball. 

My whole family are "dog people" and we were always told that your kids will turn out like your dogs. I feel like it's oddly true for us! Wylie and Savannah are both mature, shy and careful. When they play, they play hard and their snuggle game is so good [just not with each other, Wylie hates being touched by kids.] Tessa and Evie both have selective hearing and show you that they love you through entertainment. They're both bad, but in a good way and you have to keep constant tabs on their behavior. I swear, it's so true that it's creepy. Shoot me a message and let me know if you've witnessed or heard of this before [or if my family is just super weird]!