Family Sessions


Family sessions are intended for immediate family -furry friends too!- and are held on location only [not available in studio]. They include online gallery, print release and a $50 print credit.

I love photographing families; these sessions not only get me out of the studio, but they introduce me to your whole gang and challenge me on a whole different creative field from pregnancy and newborns. Is there ever an age where our kids are willing to be photographed- 3? 9? 14? Nope. The challenge of gaining a child's trust and comfort is my FAVORITE thing about your family's time with me.

These sessions can take place at any outdoor location, if you have a special request or idea, be sure to call ahead to the location to check for extra fees or permission. Family sessions have no time limit; not to say I'll photograph you all day, BUT I have two toddlers of my own, so I know that sometimes is takes a while [like... a WHILE] for our little ones to open up and begin to feel comfortable in front of a camera.

[Extended family sessions different then a normal family session. Feel free to reach out for more info on those types of sessions.]