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Baby Calvin | Farmdale, OH

Erich and Krista live on and run a family farm in the same town as me and were such cool down to earth parents. Erich literally stole a kiss from Calvin any time that baby was near him, it was so sweet! They oohed and ahed all of baby Calvin’s faces, noises and poses during the session and snapped tons of behind the scenes shots of their little guy. It’s always humbling to work with first time parents who are constantly in awe of their new baby.

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In-home Newborn Session | Columbus, OH

Mike and Terra live in Columbus, so I picked up Terra’s best friend in Warren at 7 in the morning and we made the trip out to C-bus for the day. We arrived around 10:30 with lunch and a car full of equipment. I quickly got to work, because baby Madison was SLEEPY.

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Rustic Little Girl Newborn Session | Cortland OH

Part of me doesn’t even care about words and just wants to load this blog up with all the images because this family is gorgeous and they were all the perfect little models today.

The other part of me wants to word vomit #allthethings, because The Shaffer’s are THE sweetest and dad and mom are freaking rockstars as life partners and raising tiny humans.

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This is 32

I was fearful of 30. Not for any other reason than a stigma that I built around it. As a kid, 30 was old. As an adolescent, 30 meant you had you stuff together, your goals were met, you had success, a solid career, a full family, you peaked. As an adult, 30 took it’s time. I very much enjoyed my 20’s, 30 was unknown territory.

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